And The Dragons Cried

on March 5, 2008 in Activity, games

I read a news article on Yahoo News that saddened me, and I am sure that many Troop 68 Boy Scouts and alumni will also take note of the news. Gary Gygax has died.

What? You say you do not know who Gary Gygax is? Why, he is the co-creator of a little game called Dungeons and Dragons.

I began playing D&D when I was in college in 1979. When I became the scoutmaster in the early 1980’s I introduced the Scouts to the game, and it became an instant hit with them. I have been the troop’s unofficial game master for over twenty five years. The boys enjoy playing the game as much today as they did twenty years ago. In fact, it is the number one activity that the Scouts ask for outside of regular troop activities. Many former troop members still come over a couple times a year to get in a game.

I have thought about writing a few articles for this blog about how the game of Dungeons and Dragons has affected the Scouts of Troop 68 for quite awhile now, but just never got around to it. I may have to give that subject some serious thought.

The guys are already leaving messages on the troop’s forum that we need to play a game in honor of Gary Gygax’s passing, so I guess I better start thinking about some game scenarios.

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    1. Scouter4Life says:

      Hey Steve!
      I started playing D&D about the same time when I was in the Navy. I spent many a long weekend with a bunch of friends lost in the paper and dice!
      Haven’t played it in years, though. None of the Scouts I’ve had in my troops were ever really into it.
      I still have two of the three original booklets that came in the original set. Unfortunately I lost the third in one of my many moves years ago. I had to go through them this weekend to reminisce about the good old days.

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