Lunar Eclipse

on February 21, 2008 in Activity

Even though it is -18 degrees outside (I am in Minnesota, you know) I did get outside to watch the last moments of the bright moon moving to hide into the shadow of the earth. In fact, I even set my video camera outside to record it. Once the camera warms up again I will watch it and see how it turned out.

To bad it did not happen this weekend during our troop outing. We will be staying at Camp Stearns for our annual winter outing. Luckily, we should have temps in the twenties, and maybe even hit thirty or higher. That will allow us to enjoy our activities even more. What activities, you ask? Broomball, disc golf, and sledding, of course. There is a great lighted sledding hill at camp. We will also find time to work on some advancement requirements Saturday morning, and watch a movie before hitting the sleeping bags in the evening. Maybe, if there is enough snow, a couple of the guys may try to build a snow quanzee to sleep in overnight.
Well, enough writing. Time to check out the camera, and maybe sneak another peak at the hidden moon.
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