Buffaloeagle’s Hope For America

on February 18, 2008 in Leadership, Scout Law

With this blog entry I would like to steer you to another Scouting blog for just a moment. Buffaloreagle at the Lone Star Scouter blog wrote an excellent post that I think you might find interesting. He called it “Last, Great, Best, Hope For America. Here is a portion of it:

“You are the last, great, best, hope for America. You are! You believe in HONOR, in a world where honor has lost much of its meaning. You believe in doing your duty to God and your Country, in a country where school prayer has been outlawed and many Americans don’t even bother to vote. You believe in a scout law, with 12 very demanding and very specific points, and you commit to ALL of them….when your non-scout friends commit to NOTHING.”

I agree totally with his blog post. Check it out at the Lone Star Scouter Blog.

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