Memorabilia Monday: Council CSPs

on April 4, 2011 in collections

Patches, patches, and more patches. I have quite a few patches. I have already written about my collection of 2001 National Jamboree council shoulder patches, and the collection of Order of the Arrow lodge patches. Add these two together and you may get close to how many patches are in my regular Council Shoulder Patch (CSP) collection, the subject of today’s Memorabilia Monday.

I began collecting CSP’s shortly after attending a scoutmaster training session at Philmont Scout Ranch in 1984. It was during that conference that I was introduced to the world of patch trading. Unfortunately, I did not bring along any patches to trade, but I have made an effort to bring patches to any other national event since then. Patch trading offers a great opportunity to meet people from around the country, and even from other nations.

The picture shows a small part of the collection. I am sure the collection could be much larger, but I am still a shy guy and the opportunities to trade have been few and far between. Sometimes, If I happen to drive by a council office I will stop by and but a patch or two. You could say I trade currency for a patch at those moments. I would guess that the collection currently has over 130 patches, including every Central Minnesota Council patch variation since 1980. (I think.) This does not include the Jamboree patches or Order of the Arrow patches.

Do you collect council shoulder patches? How many do you have? Do you have any that have a special place in your collection?

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  1. Bill Short says:

    I currently have over 1700 CSP’S in my collection. I have almost every issue from the state of Nebraska, and the Denver Area Council. I am trying to find some hard issues from the Robert E Lee council where I grew up as a Scout. Patch collecting brings me hour of enjoyment, not only collecting them but researching,organizing and cataloging different varieties. My kids help me go through the guide books and search online. They love to help me put them I ziploc bags. They are so excited when a package come in the mail they often tear into it before I have a chance to get to it! It is truly a family affair. The thrill of an acquisition is fun for the whole family.

  2. I don’t have too many CSP’s unless they were issued by an OA Lodge from New York State. I probably have well over 2500 NYS OA issues plus several hundred more NYS Conclave issues. The hunt and the discovery of previously uncatalogued issues keeps me going.

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