Humorous Camping Tips

on January 12, 2008 in camping, Humor

You need to check out Buffalo Eagle’s latest post to the Lone Star Scout Blog. It lists over eighteen great humorous tips for camping. One of my favorites from this list is, “Lint from your navel makes a handy fire starter. Warning: Remove lint from navel before applying the match.” You can find the posting here:

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    1. Dan Dulaney says:

      Great story, Steve! What a memory. I coach this lesson all the time. We had boys return to their tents during the day while at Camp Laramie Peak Wyoming this summer…when they opened the canvas tent flaps of the traditional Boy Scout tent on a raised platform, a Momma Mule Deer woke up and leaped out the door right at them. The boys were stunned, but that didn’t keep them from checking the next tent. When they opened the flap, out sprang the baby Mule Deer! Mule Deer have to keep cool as well, after all!

    2. Scoutmaster Steve B. says:

      Wow, Dan. I would have thought your boys would have nearly had a heart attack after having something as big as a deer jump out of a tent at them.

      It will be something they will never forget though.

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