The Beagle Scout Snoopy Ornament

on December 6, 2007 in Holiday

Do you have a Scouting related ornament hanging on your Christmas tree this year? (I have a few that were made for me by members of the troop.) If you do not, but are looking for one, you may want to make a trip to a Hallmark store and take a look at one of this year’s ornaments. It features Beagle Scout Snoopy roasting marshmallows around a campfire with Woodstock and a couple of his friends. It is a really cool ornament and may make an excellent gift for a Scout leader, or even an Eagle Scout.

I happened to be shopping last night and wondered into a Hallmark store to look at this year’s Star Wars ornaments. The Beagle Scout Snoopy caught my eye first. Snoopy was in my hand first. Two Snoopy ornaments were in my shopping bag when I left the store. I did not buy any Star Wars ornaments, although the Millennium Falcon looked pretty sweet.

I am looking forward to hanging Beagle Scout Snoopy and his campers on my tree tonight. It will be a nice addition to the other Scouting ornaments already on the tree.

Do you have any Scouting ornaments decorating your house? What are they?

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