BSA Podcasts

on November 17, 2007 in podcast

The BSA has started a couple podcasts that may be of interest to you. One is called Cubcast and features audio podcasts with Cub Scouting interests. The second is called National Commissioner’s Podcast and is done by Don Belcher. The commissioner’s podcast can also be found on iTunes, but I cannot find the Cubcast listed in the music store’s podcast listings. I hope that they will start a Boy Scout and a Venture Scout podcast soon.

It looks like the national office is beginning to take the internet a little more seriously and starting to make use of it. I wonder if the BSA’s new leadership has anything to do with it?

Do not forget to check out the Scouting podcasts at PTC Media. There are three audio podcasts and one video podcast on this network. PTC Media can be found at and at the iTunes music store.

By the way, if anyone at the national office reads this blog, would you contact me? I have a few questions for you regarding your videos. Thanks.

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