Memoryville, Minnesota

on October 14, 2007 in Lessons

The Boy Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 recently took a tour of Dick Young’s Memoryville which is located west of Melrose. Mr. Young was the Scout’s guide as they went through several of the historical buildings on the site, including a railroad depot, a country school house, a one truck fire station, and the Spur gas station that once was found on Main Street in Melrose. The Scouts, leaders, and parents were amazed as they walked through the buildings, each a museum in itself. The train depot was full of train memorabilia from the last hundred years. The school house was complete with old desks, maps, and books from over fifty years ago. The visit served as a great field trip for the troop as they discovered a few new things about the history of central Minnesota during their Local History month.

Update 9/23/19: I was contacted today that Memoryville has now permanently closed. Dick Young, the owner, wishes to thank everyone who has visited over the years.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Do you know if Memoryville is still open. I stopped by there on July 24th and it looked like it was closed. I’ve driven by it for over 20 years wanting to stop in.

  2. Lynn Bauer says:

    Hi, Nancy,
    I’m sorry, D-Trading Post/Memoryville Muesum Village (Melrose/Sauk Centre, Mn.),was Not Opened, When you Stopped,(Actually it has been Closed for Quite some Time).
    And it is Now Permanently Closed.
    Owner, Dick Young would like to Thank Visitors over the Years.
    Thank You, Dick Young

  3. Pam Z says:

    I saw him on American Pickers last night!! I told my hubs, “i know him!”

  4. Saw you on Pickers.
    I am a huge history person.
    I am a retired nurse and still teach
    At the St.Cloud CC.
    I would so love to see your
    Historical town.
    Is that possible ?
    612 877 1114.

  5. Les Smith says:

    Watched the episode of Pickers and was going to road trip to Melrose, not anymore.

  6. stevejb68 says:

    Unfortunately, Memoryville is now closed.

  7. Victoria Day says:

    Would love to visit, I love history and was saddened to hear your closed. Fo you offer private tours?

  8. dick roe says:

    Is Memoryville going to reopen or is it going to be sold? Just watched on Pickars and it is a Must See.

  9. stevejb68 says:

    I have not heard anything yet if they plan to reopen.

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