A Week Of Adventure (Part#1)

on July 26, 2007 in camping, summer camp

The Boy Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 began arriving at the meeting place at 8:45 on Sunday morning, July 15. They were packed, in uniform, and excited. They were ready for a week of adventure at Many Point Scout Camp located north of Park Rapids near Podsford, Minnesota.

The eight Scouts of Melrose Troop 68 and their leaders arrived at MPSC near 1:00 Sunday afternoon. After checking in at the administration building the troop headed to the Seton Campsite in Buckskin Camp to begin setting up their gear and tents. As a light rain began to fall the boys headed to the beach for their swim checks. After supper the Scouts took part in a camp orientation. The evening campfire program by the camp staff, was enjoyed by everyone.

A typical day at camp is divided into three parts. The Scouts work on learning skills and earning merit badges during the morning hours. The afternoons are filled with various troop activities. The camp’s program areas are opened in the evening for Scouts to have fun where ever they like.

The Scouts from Melrose found themselves at the beach after lunch on Monday. Some of the guys worked on the swimming skills while others had fun on the camp’s Aqua Trampoline. After the boys dried off it was time to head to the rifle range to shoot 22 rifles. The boys demonstrated they could shoot pretty well. Some of the boys had very nice groupings. The boys spent the rest of the afternoon around the campsite playing ball and games.

Sailing was the first troop activity Tuesday afternoon. Unfortunately, the wind was not very brisk so the boats moved very slowly. The next activity found the boys at the camp chapel to work on their SuperTroop project. The Scouts and leaders straightened a few benches that had moved and become crooked.

The big activity Tuesday afternoon was the camp’s Ironman Triathlon. This three part competition consisted of canoeing, swimming, and running. Scouts could participate individually or as part of a team. The young Scouts from Melrose decided to compete as a team. Three boys were the troop’s canoers. Jonah was the swimmer. Zack was the runner. The boys had a good time and did very well.

The two oldest Boy Scouts from Melrose did not compete in the Ironman because they spend the afternoon and evening at Many Point’s Flintlock High Adventure Camp. They participated in a new camp activity called the Challenge Outpost. The Outpost is an eight hour activity in which a group of Scouts try to overcome various challenges, similar to the television show Survivor, only in this program no one gets kicked off the island.

The Scouts went canoeing during their first activity session Wednesday afternoon. This was followed by a few games during Ethics In Action that challenged the boys in problem solving. As the temperature rose to the upper 80’s during the afternoon the boys appreciated that their troop swim that was scheduled. Several of the boys had fun when they checked out the snorkeling equipment.

Watch for this blog for a future post as I finish covering the Boy Scouts week at Many Point Scout Camp.

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