Disliking Cel Phones

on July 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

I hate cell phones!

Well, maybe hate is too strong a word. I really, really, really dislike cell phones. I dislike people talking on them while they are driving their vehicles. I dislike people talking on them while they are shopping. I dislike it when I am visiting with someone and they put me “on hold” to check who is calling on their cell phone. Don’t even get me started on text messaging or the bluetooth ear piece accessories.

Even though I do not like this bit of current technology, I do understand the need for the things. I work in a lumber yard and the phones do come in handy to stay in contact with the contractors. Unfortunately, I see too many people, including kids, become a slave to the things and cannot seem to survive without them. I always thought people where supposed to rule technology, not the other way around.

All that being said, in Boy Scout Troop 68 I treat cell phones the same as any other electronic device, such as handheld video games and mp3 players. Boy Scouts are not allowed to bring them on any troop outing or camping trip. Electronic gadgets are left behind so we can enjoy nature. I tell the boys that if they want to play video games then they should stay home. I do not want to hear AC DC, Nickelback, or some rap song blaring through the campsite. I certainly do not want the ringing of a cell phone interrupting the peaceful nature of being in the forest, and I do not want the Scouts calling home for every little thing, or talking to their friends all the time.

I once made a vow to never own a cell phone, which surprised a lot of people I know. I am a bit of a tech and computer geek, probably a 6 on a scale of 1-10. My computer system at home is the envy of some people. (It is a Mac Pro, for those of you who need to know.)

I surprised myself, and others, when I bought one of those inexpensive pay-as-you-go-type cell phones last February before leaving on a trip to Florida. After getting separated from the family at Disney last year, I thought it might be nice to be able to stay in touch with people this year. I also was thinking that a phone could come in handy at Scout functions if there was an emergency. I did use the phone quite a bit at the state-wide Ripley Rendezvous in June to stay in touch with other staff members. I do let the Scouts use it to call their parents as we arrive home from activities. It somewhat embarrasses me knowing that they know how to use it better then I do.

I still dislike cell phones. Mine spends most of its time on my bedroom dresser. Now and then though, it does have its uses. I do take it along on trips and on Scout functions. I still refuse to take mine with me wherever I go. At least for now…

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    1. lonestarscouter says:

      Being self employed, mine is always on, as for scouts, I started having a big problem at meetings, asking them not to bring them or simply turning them off didn’t work, so if I catch them with a cell phone, ipod, etc I take them away until they pay $15 into the troop fund, then I return it back to the parent. I call it a high-tech fundraiser.

    2. B C Justice says:

      I am an electronic tech, and I still don’t own a cell phone!

      The boys and assistants do bring them on outings, but I haven’t had a problem with them, as the boys don’t have them out except to make a call when we’re on our way home.

      One thing cell phones don’t do very well is… make phone calls! We do a lot of traveling in the desert and mountain states, and have found many, many places– even fair-sized towns–where they do not work. They wouldn’t work at the last two summer camps we attended, either. Therefore, I sure wouldn’t bet my life or my Scout’s lives on one in an emergency. In the current “Die Hard” flick, the computer wizard owns a CB for backup.

      I could not agree more with Steve’s comments about the discourteous use of cell phones. We should not pass those kinds of habits on to our Scouts.

      There’s some good news down the line, however: where it was once trendy to have a phone growing of of your ear, nowadays some of the younger folks see it as being a “slave” to “the man.”
      -Byron C. Justice

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