Boy Scouts, Schmucks, and Jack

on June 30, 2007 in quotes

I just have to share this quote with you… “A scout troop consists of twelve little kids dressed like schmucks following a big schmuck dressed like a kid.”

Jack Benny, a famous American comedian from radio and early television, said this. I came across this quote the other day when I was browsing the internet. I bet I laughed for the next five minutes after reading this. It is amazing that even though he died in 1974 he can still make me laugh.

So the question is, are Boy Scouts schmucks? I would say that would depend on your definition of the word. It is a word you do not hear used very often anymore. Are adult leaders schmucks? I cannot speak for everyone but I know there are times when I have certainly felt like one. (See “Lessons in Stupidity”.)

I think the thing about this quote that really struck my funny bone was the reference to adults dressing like kids. That may be true, in a way. Or is it the kids dressing like adults? Either way, I know that being a Scout leader helps to keep the kid in me alive and well. And yes, maybe the schmuck also.

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  1. lonestarscouter says:

    I’m always looking for good quotes.
    Steve you found one that is funny but true and you are right, scouting keeps the kid in me alive.

    Lone Star Schmuck

  2. Alan says:

    One of the reasons that you don’t hear the word schmuck much anymore is that it does have a pejorative meaning. Using it today would probably be considered in poor taste, although Benny’s intent was certainly meant to be nothing more than funny. The word is Yiddish and refers to the male member.

    Alan Smason
    New Orleans, LA

  3. Scoutmaster Steve J. B. says:

    Oh gosh, did you have to tell me that? I thought it was just another word for fool.

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