Scouting Memories of 1983: The Slideshow

on September 5, 2010 in Nostalgia, pictures

It has been awhile since I have placed a slideshow of Troop 68 on the blog, so let’s go back to 1983 for a look at what the troop was up to nearly thirty years ago. (Sometimes, I find it hard to believe I have been a leader of the troop for that long.) There are 111 photographs in this set.

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  1. Darrick Bria says:

    I’m an assistant scoutmaster with Troop196 in schaumburg, ill. Iv’e been a leader for about the last 8 yrs in cub scouts and boy scouts and it’s great to see scouting has been doing gtreat things with youth for so long. As a child I didn’t cross over due to family issues but would loved to have landed in a troop such as yours. keep up the good work and as we say” see you around the campfire”

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