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on June 2, 2009 in National

Yes, you read that correctly. The Boy Scouts of America now has an official Youtube channel. As I write this, the channel has twelve videos posted, eleven “Words to Live By” videos and the “State of Scouting” video. You can even watch them in HD. The channel can be found at

It is long overdue in my opinion. The BSA has come up with some excellent promotional videos over the years, along with some pretty corny ones, but yet very few people ever saw them. Speaking for myself, the only time I ever saw most of these videos was when I attended a district or council event. I kept thinking about how the National office should be showing these to the general public, not the people already involved with the program. I am sure budget and costs were the main reasons for not seeing these on television very often.

Now we have the internet. I hope the BSA continues to use it to get the word out about Scouting. This Youtube channel is a step forward in the right direction. It also gives troop and pack leaders another tool to use to promote Scouting, and the Scouts a site to direct their friends to learn more about the program.

I am not sure if anyone from the National office reads this blog but I hope they also use the channel to post some of the older videos created years ago, like the Scout Zone and the We Do It videos. I know I have already posted several older videos to my Youtube channel, but it would be great for better quality videos to posted to the official BSA channel.

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    1. Garry K. says:

      I’m seeing the “trustworthy” and “Helpful” commercial’s quite often on TV now. I can’t recall the channels, but they are playing them.

    2. David T. Copeland says:

      They are indeed great videos and like you I hope the pubic gets to view them. I see that as part of my purpose with my non-Scout twitter account. I post things from time to time to promote the program. It is good to see Scouting make an effort to use technology in a postive way and I hope this can trickle down to the Council and District level.

      They have such a long way to go. I am encouraged!

    3. Nick Wood says:

      If anyone's interested the UK SA also has a YouTube Channel here –

    4. james says:

      far out

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