Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Boy Scout Troop 68's
Totin' Chip Test Answers

Name:__________________________         Patrol:__________________
Each question = 4 pts.            75 pts. to pass/100 points possible.            Score______________

1.  Sharpen your knife on an oiled sharpening stone.
2.  Hold the blade at a  30  degree angle to the whetstone.
3.  How many hands are used to properly close a knife? Two.
4.  Don’t carry a knife with the  blade  open.
5.  Close the  blade  before handing the knife to a friend.
6.  Cut  away  from you to prevent injury.
7.  Keep your knife dry,  sharp,  and  clean  at all times.

8. List eight of the 12 areas of an ax.
       Handle, butt, shoulder, eye, head, face, toe, blade, bit, heel, belly, knob.
9. How do you fix a loose ax head? Soak the ax head in water for a couple of hours.
      When you get home drive a wedge into the head of the ax.
10. When honing an ax rub a dry  whetstone  against the ax blade in a  circular motion.
11. What does bucking a log mean? Cutting through it. (Usually into one foot pieces.)
12. What is the procedure for filing an ax?   Check your handbook.
13. Safe cutting with an ax requires clearance of an area at least how far all around?
       Grab the ax by the head. Slowly swing the ax at arm’s length all around and above you.
14. List two reasons for not driving an ax into the ground.  Chip. Rust. Dull it.
15. How many people are allowed in an ax yard at any time?  One.
16. When an ax is not in use, what should be done with the blade? 
      Sheath it or put it in a chopping block.
17. Describe the contact method for chopping a stick.   Check your handbook.
18. Describe the contact method for splitting a stick.  Check your handbook.  :-)
19. Ax safety: Rest when you are tired.    Sheath it when not in use. When passing an  ax to someone, 
       hold the handle near the knob with the head down.

20. A saw will cut wood twice as fast as an ax.
21. Hold the wood firmly in place and use long, smooth saw strokes.
22. When you have permission to clear a campsite of saplings, saw them off just above ground level.
23. Name two kinds of camp saws. Folding saw, bow saws.
24. What kind of file is used to sharpen a saw?    Ignition file
25. Write the Outdoor Code and explain what it means. 
      As an American, I will do my best to be clean in my outdoor manners, be careful with 
     fire, be considerate in the outdoors, and be conservation minded.
     Check your handbook for the meaning.  (Hey, you gotta read once in a while.)

Well, did you pass with flying colors?
Or did you discover that you don't know it all?

Ready for the Firem'n Chit Test?
Yea! I'm ready!