Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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 Boy Scout Troop 68
Order Of The Arrow
Naguonabe Lodge #31
Central Minnesota Council
The Patches Of The Naguonabe Lodge!
Click on a patch to see a large picture of it.

This patch was worn by lodge members during the eighties. It is a simple patch, but one with a lot of meaning. Note that the feather is the dominant feature of the design.
In 1985 the BSA celebrated its 75th anniversary. The Order of the Arrow celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1990. This is the special patch that lodge members wore in recognition of 75 years of the Order of the Arrow.
The Naguonabe patch for the nineties saw a few changes from the one of the previous decade. Most noticeable was the black border. A new slogan was also added at the bottom of the patch.
In 1995, the Naguonabe Lodge hosted the Sectional Conclave. A special patch was designed for this event, of course. Being much more colorful then previous patches, this one was highly treasured.
The current patch returned to a similar design of earlier years. But if you look closely you will notice several changes. It is larger. The colors are sharper then before. And the string around the feather is now purple, not green.
The central Minnesota Council hosted a area wide Ripley Rendezvous at Camp Ripley in 1999. Of course, the OA was in attendance. The lodge came up with a special patch for this event which is tradable, unlike the regular patches.
A second patch was also designed for the area wide Ripley event in 1999. This was a patch that any OA member of any lodge could purchase and wear. Notice that no lodge name is found, only general OA logos. The fortress in the background is the main entrance of Camp Ripley, Minnesota.
The lodge flap for the 2001 National Jamboree included Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox in keeping with the theme of the gateway. Notice, the feather is still one of the highlights of the patch. The trefoil in the sunset was a nice touch also.
In 2002 the Lodge celebrated its 75th anniversary.
Of course, a special patch had to be developed to commemorate this event. It's hard to believe that 75 years of the Order of the Arrow has been in Central Minnesota.
The lodge also designed a tradable pocket patch for the 75th anniversary. It has the same design as the lodge flap. There is one mistake on the patch though. Do you know what it is?
Here's a hint - something is missing on the patch.
The 75th anniversary of the lodge is a very special event, so in addition to a lodge patch and tradable pocket patch the lodge also came out with a 5" jacket patch. The lodge spared no expense when it came to the number of colors used.

2006 Naguonabe patch
The patch designed for the 2006 National Jamboree was similar to the regular lodge flap. The Minnesota state outline and a mosquito were added to the design to match with the year's theme for the gateway. That's right, that "blob" above the feather is supposed to be a mosquito.
When it came time to design a patch for the 2006 NOAC the Lodge went all out! This is the second time, that I know of, that Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox became part of the design of a Naguonabe Lodge patch, the first being on the 2001 National Jamboree patch. The Lodge came out with a two patch set, one for the pocket, and one for the pocket flap. If placed correctly, the patch looks as if Paul is fishing. But lift the pocket flap and you would discover that Babe was the one holding the rod and reel. This set of patches allowed the Lodge members to brag about bringing a Babe to NOAC.     (Hmmm.... I did not realize that Babe was a minataur.)
NOAC 2006
NOAC 06 pocket
2010 Jamboree Naguonabe patch
This patch set was designed for the 2010 National Jamboree. The loon was the council's icon for the 2010 National Jamboree and can be seen on the pocket flag patch, along with the feather which is the lodge's totem. The pocket patch features a view underwater, below the loon and feather. The picture depects Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox scuba diving in one of Minnesota's 10,000 lakes. I thought it was great to see Paul and Babe shown on another great patch design by the Naguonabe Lodge.

I understand the participant's patch had a different color border.
The Naguonabe Lodge celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2007, so it was time for a special trading patch to commemorate the event. I like the colors on this patch.
Orcder Of The Arrow Naguonabe Lodge Patch
Orcder Of The Arrow Naguonabe Lodge Patch
Five councils came together at Camp Ripley for a state-wide Ripley Rendezvous in 2007. The Naguonabe Lodge came out with a special trading patch featuring the Camp Ripley gateway, Lord Baden-Powell, and the lodge totem (the feather).
Some members of the lodge participated in the 2008 Order of the Arrow "Arrow Corps", so of course, we needed a patch for the event. In fact, there was the pocket flap patch and the pocket patch. The pocket flap patch was the "day", while the pocket patch was the "night".
Orcder Of The Arrow Naguonabe Lodge Patch
Orcder Of The Arrow Naguonabe Lodge Patch
The national Order of the Arrow Conclave is always a blast. So are the patches found at the event. In 2009, Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox (or minotaur) made another appearance on the Naguonabe Lodge Patches with Paul on the pocket flap patch which overlapped Babe on the pocket patch. I like the way the WWW is "hidden" as hair on Paul's arm.

That must have been a huge canoe used by Paul as he canoed the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota.
This patch is not a Naguonabe patch, but is a patch issued by the National Lodge to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America in 2010. It is a pretty sharp patch.
Did you get your copy?
Order of the Arrow
2012 NOAC Naguonabe Lodge
The 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conclave was held in Michigan in August. Several Naguonabe youth members and adult advisors attended. The lodge once again used Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox on the patches for the event. Actually, I should maybe say Babe the minataur, since it seems to works well one the patch set. Hiking seems to be this year's theme. The WWW once again appears as the hair on Paul's arm.

Click on the patches to get a better view.

2012 Naguonabe Lodge NOAC patches
I am not sure what these patches were used for, but I still like them.
They make for a nice three piece red, white, and blue set for the Naguonabe Lodge.
Click on the picture for a larger version.
Naguonabe Arrow Patches
2013 Naguonabe Lodge National Jamboree Patch Set, Order of the Arrow
The Naguonabe Lodge went all out for the 2013 National Jamboree, the first jamboree held at the Summet!
This two piece set features Paul Bunyan and Babe, the blue ox, parachuting into the Summit for this special event.
Eack parachute features the feather, which is the lodge totem. (Babe needed extra parachute chord.)
Although Babe looks a little bit cartoony his is still cute. This is an excellent patch set for the lodge collection.

Click on the picture for a larger view.
The Naguoanabe Lodge recently hosted the Section C-1A Conclave.
A large jacket patch was created which featured totems of the six lodges of the Sectional Conclave.
How would you like to have this on the back of your OA Jacket?

Click on the picture for a larger view.
Sectional Conclave Patch