Boy Scout Troop 68, Melrose, MN

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Welcome to the troop 68's
2001 Highlight Gallery!
All pictures on this page are thumb nailed. Click on them to see the big picture.


Laughs For Lunch Show
Eagle Caves Trip
 March Court Of Honor
 Outing at Camp Stearns
 Softball Game
 Service to Others
 Fall Court of Honor
 Christmas Party
 December Court Of Honor


Laughs For Lunch Show
January 27, 2001

The troop's Laughs For Lunch Show drew it's biggest crowd in its four years this year. Over one hundred people attended and brought food for the local food shelf. Some people came from as far as Princeton and Minneapolis to see the show. The troop provided plenty of laughs as the night went on. The program included plenty of new songs and skits along with some of the old favorites.

The show began with the song, "Killer Cattle". Some of the Scouts dressed in cow costumes to add to the effect.

Another favorite song performed was "Star Trekking". This is one of the most popular songs performed by the troop.

Ever the assistant scoutmasters got into the act this year. Here they perform the Two Rivers skit.

Members of the Hawk Patrol performs the song "Star Trekking: The Next Generation".

Two of the troop's oldest youth members performed one of the troop's favorite skits, "I Want To Marry The Princess".

A scoutmaster and his assistants, known as the Jedi Patrol, performed a song in honor of their mascot, Yoda.

Weekend at Eagle Caves, Wisconsin
March 23-25, 2001

    Seventeen Boy Scouts and six adult leaders attended an outing which had the group sleeping in a cave and exploring all the nooks and crannies. Luckily for us, we were given a spot in the cave that was dry AND warm. Other troops were not so lucky. Some slept in areas that were near freezing in temperature. Others slept in spots were it rained the entire weekend.
    Be that as it may, the Troop 68 Scouts had a great time.

The entrance to Eagle caves. It is actually quite a large cave system.

A few of the crew decide to check out the Hornet's Nest.

Oh no! The dreaded cave monster has one of our Scouts. Someone save him!

The lunch provided in the dining hall was quite good, but it was never enough.

A few of the Scouts decided to take a break from exploring to play a game of Magic.

These guys invested their money in video games located in remote areas of Wisconsin.

March Court Of Honor
March 26, 2001

    The first court of honor of 2001 was quite a good one. Oodles of year pins were given out, two new members inducted into the troop, and several merit badges were awarded. We also presented one Second Class Rank, two First Class Ranks, and one Star Rank. A special plaque was given to an assistant scoutmaster who stayed in scouting until his eighteenth birthday.

Two new members were welcomes by the scoutmaster and senior patrol leader.

These Scouts were recognized for attending junior leader training.

Four Scouts received merit badges during the court of honor.

Ranks of advancement went to these guys. Can your guess which one received the Progressive Scout Award?

The Hazardous Hawk Patrol received the Progressive patrol Award. They received a certificate for their efforts.

Assistant scoutmaster Ben received a plaque recognizing his seven years as a member of the troop.

Outing At Camp Stearns
May 11-13, 2001

    It may have been a small group that attended this outing but the guys who went along had a great time. Saturday morning was used to learn safety using axes, saws, and knives. During the afternoon they kept busy hiking, playing disc golf, trying the obstacle course, and sitting around the fire in the evening. The weather was fantastic. The only thing wrong with the camping trip was the number of wood ticks who liked hanging around us.

Disc golf has become a troop favorite when attending Camp Stearns where we played 18 holes.

This chained monkey bridge was one of the many parts of the challenging obstacle course.

We even took a little time to learn about the safety rules when cutting and chopping in the ax yard.

Parents vs. Scout Softball Game
June 18, 2001

     Once again, the game was held. This year was not a blow-out, however, The score stayed close, never more then a 4 or 5 run lead. The parents began with the lead, only to have the Scouts steal it away in the fourth inning. Suddenly, it was the last inning of the game, time for the adults to make their move. And they did! But the Scouts were up last. The adults tried to hold their lead, but one of the Scouts hit a double with two runners on base.
    The Scouts won the game with a score of 14-13. It was one of the best games ever played since the troop began this tradition.

Waiting in the dugout.

The winning team.

The not-winning team.

2001 National Jamboree
July and August 2001

     Nine Boy Scouts and two adult leaders from Melrose Troop 68 attended this year's Jamboree. There are several photo galleries of this event on the High Adventure page.

Service To Others
Various times through out the year

     On my honor I will do my help others at all times. Service to others is an important part of being a Boy Scout. We strive to give back to the communities that support us. The Scouts of Troop 68 participate in several projects during the year.

Quite a crowd turned out on Saturday, May 19, for our spring "Adopt A Highway" project.

The Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and parents combined forces to clean up the park on Saturday, June 30.

Some Boy Scouts also helped to clean up the mess from the Independence Day celebration on Sunday, July 1.

Eleven Scouts participated in the fall "Adopt A Highway" project on Saturday, September 8.

Of course, we can't forget about the yearly Scouting For Food project. Here, Scouts pose with helpers from the local food shelf.

Fall Court Of Honor
September 24, 2001

     The troop did a great job of earning advancement during the summer. There was a lot of recognition for accomplishments at this Court of Honor. It was probably the only time in the history of the troop in which Scouts were recognized for attaining all six of the ranks.

Our chaplain and assistant scoutmaster led us in an opening prayer.

Two Scouts received the Tenderfoot rank.

One troop members received the rank of Second Class.

This Scout received the rank of First Class. Half way to Eagle!

It will not be long before this new Star Rank Scout receives his next rank.

In just a little over two years this Scout received his Life rank.

Our newest Eagle Scout thanks his mother for her support through the years.

There was a tie for the Progressive Scout Award.

Quite a few Scouts received merit badges at the Court of Honor.

Christmas Party
December 8, 2001

     The troop's Christmas party is a tradition that is nearly 20 years old. We get together to watch the latest videos, exchange gifts, and try to eat all the pizza and snacks that are available to consume. Oh, and if there is time, we may play a few games.

The troop tried a different approach to the gift exchange this year. The rolled dice to see who gets what.

Two troop members who turned 18 this year where on hand to receive plaques recognizing their tenure.

The troop members enjoyed this year's party.
Just look at those smiling faces!

December Court of Honor & Troop Auction
December 17, 2001

     One Scout earned all the advancement at this court of honor. And he is not even an Eagle Scout. (Yet.) The troop also conducts its annual auction for prizes following the December court of honor. Scouts place their bids using "troop bucks" (play money) earned during the year for advancement and outing participation. It seems that everyone had a really good time during the auction.

One ambitious Scout received 3 merit badges and the rank of Star Scout.

The Scoutmaster awarded "troop bucks" to the Scouts during the meeting. They actually received certificates which were valued for the whole year of 2001.

The auctioneer and scoutmaster had a lot of fun conducting the auction. Almost as much fun as the Scouts did bidding on the various prizes.

Special thanks to Kathy Schulzetenberg and Steve Borgerding who provided the pictures used on this page.