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Domain names are very important when you have a site on the internet. Choose the wrong name and it is hard for people to find you. Choose the right name and people start showing up at your digital door.

The blog at the Boy Scout Trail website, Scoutmaster Musings, has a great short article about someone who has freely given a couple Scouting related domain names to the Boy Scouts of America. It is a great Good Turn done for the BSA by an individual.
Check it out at

A newer video (2006?) by the Boy Scouts of American can be found on Youtube. It is a two song music video that features Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts participating in Good Turns across America. The First video asks, “What have you done today to made you feel proud?” It is a catchy song. The second song I think you will recognize from several years ago. Watch the video, then post a comment about your thoughts.

Happy Birthday Scouting (BSA)!

Wow, has it been 98 years already? It seems like just a few years ago when that unknown Boy Scout in England helped William Boyce find his way in the fog of London. And look what the BSA has accomplished since then. Ten of millions of boys have been involved with Scouting. Hundreds of millions of hours of community service has been done around the country. And look at all the boys who earned Scoutings highest award, the rank of Eagle Scout. I ask, has there been any other youth group in the history of this great country that has accomplished as much as the Boy Scouts of America?

And to think, it all begin in the USA because of the good turn of one Boy Scout in England! It just goes to show that you never know what that daily good turn could lead to, do you?

And do not forget to watch the videos on Youtube that were listed in a previous blog entry. Let’s see if we can get something shown on the front page today.

This Boy Scout Troop really knows the meaning of doing a Good Turn. They are giving up a trip to Disney to help rebuild a church. Here is a portion of the article:

Boy Scouts Give Up Disney World to Help Rebuild Church

Boy Scouts Give Up Disney World to Help Rebuild Church

Time at Disney World could not compete with helping others for three Boy Scout troops in Vance County.

Every year, Boy Scout Troop 691 in Henderson joins with two other troops for a chicken cook-out fundraiser. The proceeds go to pay for a trip to Disney World for the boys.

This year, however, the scouts volunteered to donate money they will raise Saturday to help Union Chapel United Methodist Church rebuild its sanctuary.

Lightning likely sparked a fierce fire on Aug. 10 that burned most of the 178-year-old church to the ground. Among many other items, the church lost its stained glass windows, which were brought from Europe and dated to the early 1800s.

Larry Medlin, described how his 11-year-old son, James, who so far has earned his second-class scout rank, came up with the idea on his own after hearing about the fire. “James said, ‘Daddy, let’s raise money to help them build their church instead of going to Disney,'” Larry Medlin said.

To read the rest of the article click HERE.