An Old Patrol Advancement Teaching Aid

on September 1, 2020 in Advancement, Leadership, patrol, Training

My family room has served as the troop’s Scout room for over two and a half decades. Patrol Leader Council meetings were held there, along with training sessions and some smaller troop activities. Committee meetings were held around the table once a month. One third of the room is a showcase for Scouting awards, memorabilia, and Eagle Scout photos.

I was cleaning up and sorting through some things last night and discovered a little gem I forgot was part of my Scouting collection. It is a training flip chart from 1955 regarding patrol advancement. It is for patrol leaders and discusses how to make their patrol become a First Class Patrol! It is 36 black and white pages, with the cover page, and is in excellent condition considering it is 65 years old.

As I was looking through it (yes, I had to stop and look at it) I began thinking it could be fun to scan the pages and turn it into a training video. Well, at least an interesting look at an old training resource. I was thinking about reading each page myself but then thought it would be much better if I could get one of our Scouts to read it.

I began working on it tonight. I have been in contact with one of the troop’s dads and he thinks his son may be interested in doing the reading. I have begun scanning the pages, which it going to take awhile. My old scanner is not the quickest by any means. In fact, each page is taking me over 3 minutes to set up and scan.

I will have to work with the Scout to be a good narrator. I do not think he has ever done anything like this but I think, after a couple read throughs and a few pointers, he will do an excellent job. I have even thought of trying to find an old uniform for him to wear during an opening introduction, but I am not sure if that will happen.

Would you be willing to take ten minutes or so to watch a video featuring an old training resource from 1955? Is this a project that is worth my time? Let me know in the comments!

9 Responses to “An Old Patrol Advancement Teaching Aid”

  1. Darrin Hill says:

    We would love to see this flip chart? Is it still applicable to today?

  2. SM Ron says:

    Sounds like a great idea. Could there be a male and a female scout voice on alternating slides or alternating sections?

  3. Deaf Scouter says:

    What an awesome tool this would be. Bet many would find this useful.

  4. SM Tanya says:


  5. Dustin Tarditi says:

    Absolutely! Could be made into a google slides presentation, too (free tool!)

  6. Larry Faust says:

    YES….i’d really like to se this video. And I vote for the alternating male/female narration

  7. Bradley White-Findeisen says:

    Yes, it’s a worthy project!

  8. stevejb68 says:

    I recorded audio this past weekend with a current boy Scout of Troop 68. I did consider also using a girl for awhile but after reading through the whole thing you really get a 1955 vibe from it so I think I will be staying with a male narrator since it fits the time of the training piece.

  9. RHunter1492 says:

    You bet I’d love to see this. My Patrols are in need of some old-fashioned guidance and education.

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