Father’s Day Card

on June 12, 2009 in Holiday

 While shopping for a few graduation cards last weekend there was a Father’s Day card that caught my eye that I just have to share with you. It features Snoopy, the Beagle Scout, and his trusty troop featuring Woodstock and his pals. I immediately added it to the pile of cards I was buying. Here is a picture of the front and the inside of the card. It is a Hallmark card, by the way.

I will not be sending it to my father though. I will be keeping this one as a part of my Scouting collection.

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    1. Sebastian says:

      Cute. I've been getting my husband the Christmas ornaments in the same Beagle Scout line. He is one of three Eagle scout brothers and we have three sons, who are all in scouting, so they always fit.

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