A Reading of The Christmas Scout

on December 25, 2008 in Holiday, story

Late last night, on Christmas Eve, several of us from around the country joined Chris for his live “An Hour A Week” Christmas show. The chat room was very lively as we listened to Chris and the various Christmas music he was playing.

He invited us to join him on the show, so I thought I would try reading the story “A Christmas Scout”. It is one of my favorite Scouting Christmas stories (not that there are that many too choose from). I recorded it while Chris was playing some music and sent him the mp3 file to use during his show.

The first thing I noticed when the mp3 was playing is that it did not take long for the chat room to become pretty quiet. Nearly everyone stopped typing to listen to my reading. I must have done a decent job, because after it finished people started writing about how well I had done. Even a tear or two had falling by the end of the story. Immediately, a couple people asked for a copy of the mp3. Within minutes Chris had a copy available through the PTC Media site.

And one more thing… I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas.

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    5 Responses to “A Reading of The Christmas Scout”

    1. Nick Wood says:

      Great story Steve and thanks for recording it.

      Happy Christmas

    2. John Collins says:

      Thanks for sharing this Steve and great job on reading it. I’d never heard the story before, but you can bet it will be told and retold in the years to come.

      Pack 13
      Shenandoah Area Council

    3. Kevin says:

      That was a very moving story.

      Star Scout
      Troop 50
      Revolutionary Trails Council
      Sauquoit, NY

    4. Scoutmaster Steve B. says:

      Thanks guys. I appreciate the comments. And I am glad you enjoyed it.

    5. MisterChris says:

      Steve, thanks for sharing that heartwarming story. It really reflects the Scouting spirit.

      That’s one to share with the Troop.

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