Retired From Scouting?

on January 18, 2013 in committee, Leadership

It has been interesting how many people in the area think that I have retired from the Scouting program when they hear that I have stepped down as the scoutmaster of Melrose Boy Scout Troop 68. I explain to them that I am still active with the troop, that I serve on the committee as the treasurer, and that I am still assisting the new scoutmaster through the transition.

I am not ready to leave the Scout program completely. It has been a part of me for nearly 3/4 of my life. I was a Boy Scout in my youth. I was an assistant scoutmaster before being appointed the scoutmaster. The Scout Oath and Law have literally become the guidelines in my life, along with the ten commandments.

Oh, I am sure that someday I may step away from the program, but it will be a slow transition. We have a Boy Scout who is going to Philmont this summer and I want to be there to help as he prepares for his adventure. Some Scouts want to earn merit badges for which I serve as a counselor. A few of the boys have a good chance of becoming Eagles Scouts and I want to be around to see that happen and celebrate their accomplishment with them. Plus, there are still troop activities I plan to attend. I am even thinking about going back to spend a week with the troop at Many Point Scout Camp this summer. (I did not attend last year and I missed it.)

No, I am not ready to retire from Scouting just yet,  but I am ready to try some new things outside of Scouting with the extra time I have. Any suggestions?

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    1. Denise says:

      My son is still in Cub Scouts and this is my second year leading his Den. The boys are Webelos I and I’m pretty sure I’ll be leading them in Webelos II until they cross over to Boy Scouts. Of the 9 boys, 4 are committed to Boy Scouts while the other 5 are still on the fence. I’d love if they all decided to continue and would be most thrilled if any one of them advanced to Eagle. I’d like to think my enthusiasm had something to do with them participating and enjoying the program as most of them seem to at 10.

      Recently, I had a friend tell me that “Volunteering for Scouts is like a turks-head knot, there is no end”. Some days it feels like that more than others, but I really love participating and have created some wonderful memories with my son that would not have otherwise happened.

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