Bohemian Rhapsody – Scouting Style

on March 22, 2008 in Uncategorized

A year ago there were not very many videos about Boy Scouting and Cub Scouting on Youtube. But if you look now there are thousands of video to watch. I like checking them out, and passing along my favorites to you.

This video obviously was not planned. It just happened, and got caught on camera. It is a group of Boy Scouts on a troop cycling trip. Someone was playing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody and things started to happen. It is one of my favorite impromptu Scouting videos on Youtube. Watch it and see if you don’t agree.

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    1. visibleprocrastinations says:

      I could really see this happening at one of our camps. Classic!


    2. english polish translation says:

      That is nice to definitely find a site where the blogger knows what they are talking about.

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