100 Days Of Scouting – Day 1 (Happy Birthday Scouts!)

on February 8, 2011 in Anniversary, Scouting

Happy Birthday to the Boy Scouts of America! Today, the organization is 101 years old. That is quite an accomplishment for any organization, but it is really something for a youth group to accomplish. It is awe inspiring when you sit and think for a moment about all the boys that have been a part of the program during those years; about all the adults who have given their time in packs, troops, and crews; about all the service hours given to local communities and the country. Then think about what those boys have gone on to accomplish when they became adults. As Buttons, the radical Boy Scout, would say, “Totally awesome!”

To kick off this new year of the Boy Scouts of America, I invite you to watch this video I found on Youtube. It sums up what this Scouting program is all about, and does it very nicely.

Starting today, this blog proclaims Tuesdays as “YouTube Tuesday”. I plan to suggest a Scouting video every Tuesday, so if you have one you would like to see posted here drop me an email.

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