Pinewood Derby 2011

on January 5, 2011 in Activity, Cub Scout, Promotion

It has been a long time since I have been involved with a Pinewood Derby. I was never a Cub Scout so I did not participate in one as a youth. I do remember acting as a judge for one in the 1990’s for the local pack. I did videotape a derby one year for our community access television station. Oh, and I have seen the movie Down And Derby. This is the extent of my Pinewood Derby experience.

The Cub Scout Pack has invited the Boy Scout troop to join them in having a derby at the end of the month. The pack and troop would hold seperate races, but we may take the fastest car from each unit and race to see the overall winner.

The Cub Scout Pack 68 only has 7 or 8 members this year (all first and second graders) so their derby will not last very long. By inviting the Boy Scouts they hope to make it a more exciting evening. About half of the Boy Scouts of Troop 68 have shown an interest in participating.

I like the idea of the troop having a derby with the Cub Scout Pack. I think the Boy scouts will have a great time, but more importantly, it will give the Cub Scouts a chance to mingle with the “old Scouts”. I hope this joint activity (and others) will provide a little boost for the Cubs and their families to stay in the program for several years. It would be nice to see a Webelos graduation down the road.

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    1. Phil Reinke says:

      I think that your plan to mingle the cubs with the boy scouts is brilliant!

      I would suggest that you consider using my scout authorized book “Pinewood-Winning by the Rules” with your cubs! it is available through the scout shop and on my website…I also have a FREE Pinewood Derby Workshop Lesson Plan available on my website…

      The PWD is consistently one of the top three fondest memories of any scout at any age! That is amazing! I have been promoting not only the lessons of building a racer…but building our future leaders’ character traits of integrity, honesty, fair-play and sportsmanship…which are all lessons easy to craft while crafting a racer!

      I applaud your efforts…please feel free to drop me questions if you have any…but I think that you more than have this one under control! DO YOUR BEST!

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