Roy Blakeley, Boy Scout

on November 28, 2010 in Film & Books, Nostalgia

You may have read about the Boy Scouts Tom Slade and Pee Wee Harris, but have you read any about their friend Roy Blakeley’s adventures? Roy was another character created by Percy Keese Fitzhugh as he wrote fictional novels about Boy Scouts in the early 1900’s. These books are now in the public domain and can be found on some epub book sites. Here are a couple of books about Roy to introduce you to his Scouting stories:

Download – Roy Blakeley
Download – Roy Blakeley, his story
Download – Roy Blakely, Pathfinder

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    1. Hugh says:

      Do you have a list of all of the Boy Scout eBooks that you have found? I enjoy the fictional novels, but I’d also like to find old handbooks – I’ve found the 1911 first edition Boy Scouts Handbook – but I’d like to find more of the old ones that should be public domain by now.

    2. stevejb68 says:

      So far, I have found:
      Pee Wee Harris
      Pee Wee Harris in Luck
      Roy Blakeley
      Roy Blakeley, his story
      Roy Blakeley’s silver fox patrol
      Roy Blakeley’s bee line hike
      Roy Blakeley’s Camp on Wheels
      Roy Blakeley’s Motor Caravan
      The Boy Scout and Other Stories for Boys
      The Boy Scouts In Russia
      The Boy Scouts In A Trappers Camp
      Tom Slade
      Tom Slade at Black Lake
      Tom Slade on a transport
      Tom Slade on the river
      Tom Slade with the boys over there
      Tom Slade with the flying corps

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    4. Jeff Rhoads says:

      For more about these books and about the author, visit:

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