52 Hours Per Year?

on September 10, 2010 in Leadership, Lessons

We have all heard that being a scoutmaster or cubmaster will only take an hour a week. In the last article I wrote about how many hours it may actually take for a scoutmaster. But what if we take this further? If Scouting only takes one hour a week that means it will only consume 52 hours per year. But let’s be a bit more realistic. Instead of looking at hours, let us take a look at evenings and days per year. Here is an average year in my Scouting life:

Troop meetings – 33 evenings
Patrol Leader Council Meetings – 11 evenings
Committee Meetings – 11 evenings
Troop Parents Meeting – 1 evening
School Night To Join Scouting – 1 evening
Courts of Honor – 4 evenings
Roundtables – 8 evenings
Summer Camp – 7 days
Weekend Camps (average 6 per year) – 18 days
One Day Activities – 6 days
Yearly Planning Session – 1 day
Fundraisers (meals) – 2 days
Troop Service Projects (varies per year) – 4 days

Grand Total ย = 107 days/evenings!

This total surprised me. I did not realize that I give over three and one half months a year to the troop. And this does not count extra things like district or council training, evenings spent writing newsletters, working with boys on merit badges, or other such things. Wow.

I would like to hear from other scoutmasters out there. Does this sound similar to the time you dedicate to your troop?

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    1. Bryan says:

      OK let’s do the math….

      52 Meetings Per Year (12 PLCs/40 Troop)
      12 Committee Meetings
      24 Campout Days
      7 Summer camp Days
      4 TLT Days
      1 Planning Day
      2 Court of Honor
      2 Court of Honor Prep Nights
      12 ROundtable nights
      3 Service Project Days
      2 University of Scouting (1 prep day/ 1 actual day)
      16 Wood Badge Staff Days

      Grand Total = 137 days/evenings minimum per year

      Sounds about right! Add Wood Badge 18 month follow up as a Troop Guide, SM Prep, SMCs, MBU, misc service…ouch!

    2. Wil says:

      Here is my break down as an ASM June 2009-July 2010:

      50 Troop Meetings
      12 PLCs
      12 Commitee Meetings
      30 Campout days; counted as 3 days Friday through Sunday
      7 Sumemrcamp days
      3 Court of Honors
      6 Service project days
      10 Roundtables

      130 Days or evenings total

      Then add Pack Functions as a volunteer dad ๐Ÿ™‚

      12 Pack meetings
      3 Den Meetings, mom usual takes him (troop meetings same night)
      6 days for derby races, I am head of PWD committee
      8 Service/clean up days
      6 Commitee meetings

      35 Days/evenings there

      that is 165 days/evenings total! ALMOST half the year! NOT including at home planning and misc running and fundraisers!

      Always worth the effort though, my boys and they others in thier units are worth all of teh time and effort.

    3. Bruce Krochman says:

      We just had our National Jamboree Troop reunion pot luck. Many of my peer leaders and volunteers agreed that adding all the time up was a waste of time that could be used for another meeting/event!

      All the best!


    4. Al Lundy says:

      I think the recruitment technique of 1-hour a week is more a myth than anything else. I have never actually met anyone who was recruited with that promise, nor have I ever met anyone who actually used that as a recruiting device. It’s more an in-house joke than anything else.

      I would never accept an application fro someone without them thoroughly understanding the time commitment for the task they were agreeing to do. I not sure that someone who would believe that a scout leader is a 1-hou a week responsibility has the tools needed to be a leader.

      As for the number of hours it takes, I long for the hours of a Scoutmasterโ€™s position. As a Sea Scout Skipper I live 45 miles from our boats and our meeting location. We meet 48 hours a month, 12 months a year. And then there are committee meetings, Roundtable meetings, training, and misc. scout activities on top of that. I average over 800 miles and 12.5 hours just driving to and from scouting meetings each month.

      Oh for the simple life of being a Scoutmaster ๐Ÿ™‚

    5. Troop meetings โ€“ 45 evenings
      Patrol Leader Council Meetings โ€“ 12 evenings
      Committee Meetings โ€“ 12 evenings
      Troop Parents Meeting โ€“ 2 evening
      School Night To Join Scouting โ€“ 5 evening (this includes all recruiting events)
      Courts of Honor โ€“ 4 evenings
      Roundtables โ€“ 8 evenings
      Summer Camp โ€“ 7 days
      Weekend Camps (average 11 per year) โ€“ 33 days or nights of camping
      One Day Activities โ€“ 6 days
      Yearly Planning Session โ€“ 2 days
      Fundraisers โ€“ 2 days
      Troop Service Projects (varies per year) โ€“ 6 days last year
      Den Meeting and Pack meeting visits – 6 evenings

      Grand Total = 150 days/evenings

      and obviously this does not include at home work, PTCMedia stuff or Order of the Arrow events.
      Yeah.. I have an hour a week left.
      But I love it.

    6. Joe Strong says:

      About 890 hours or 39 days depending on how one computes. But that’s only regular Troop activities sans Eagle Projects, Eagle Counseling, OA events, Tribe of the Lone Bear Events, Council events, Training time as student, Training time and prep time as Instructor. depending again on how one calculates this I could easily double the Days Scouting, Hours would probably nearly double also but either way these are the most conservative estimates – the real numbers will always be higher.
      (Sorry for any typo’s I cannot read the comment box font.)

    7. Joe Strong says:

      Question for those commenting, Have you put any thought into calculating (# boys x 1 hour per week)?
      If there were, either I’m really inefficient, the number is based on a LARGE Troop for efficiency, or I just don’t have enough Scouts because my base number runs about 4.5 hours per Scout per week over a year up to about 9 hours per Scout per week over a year.

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