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My view

Posted By: Mike
Date: Thursday, 17 August 2000, at 10:39 p.m.

Some of this won't apply to you, and some might not make sense, but read it over and ponder the situation we're in.

Guys, it isn't actually that hard to attend. Personally I'm not a Koronis fan and we were supposed to go there August and June, so I didn't sign up. But that's not an excuse to miss the next outing, or three. I work every saturday @ St. Johns in the fall but I still plan to go on outings. It'll just be more hassle; like anyone can't handle a little bit more stress.

As for meetings, it's just what like an hour and a half? It's not football practice. We don't do hummers, maybe a few pushups for a slip up of language. How hard is that?

I go to the meetings and it isn't unbearable (or usually boring if we have people show up), computers and ladies can wait. (not always, but like 90% of the time) Anyway, we usually play sports in the morning, girls and lake in the early afternoon and use the computer at late night.

Why is it so hard to attend? Does it conflict on people's ego? Take last meeting as an example: I saw Jake, Brixious and I attend. We're all in football but that doesn't affect that, and we still go to the lake like every day and have fun.

Personally, I'm on Jeff and Steve's side on this. I'm so close to Eagle, but if there's no one to interact with at the meetings why go? (no offense to the younger scouts) It hasn't gotten real old for me yet.

But if no one goes, we're gonna go from like 38 scouts to like 20. Personally, I don't want that. Our troop is the envy of the area.

I have some good reasons above. Say what you wish, but take it into consideration.

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