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Re: My thoughts for a change

Posted By: Sandy <klinfin6@meltel.net>
Date: Wednesday, 16 August 2000, at 7:24 a.m.

In Response To: My thoughts for a change (Scoutmaster Steve)

: This weekend the troop has its monthly outing, but for
: some reason, nearly thirty troop members (that is
: right, 30!), over 75% of the troop, decided not to
: attend for one reason or another. Only 5 Scouts signed
: up to attend. Yet I hear of many of you talking about
: football, practice has begun, we can not miss a
: practice, I have to work, my computer is calling
: me.........

: Well, to tell you the truth, I've had enough of it!

: I am going on the outing this weekend because I believe
: that Scouting is a worthwhile organization to belong
: to. I believe it is worthwhile to dedicate my time and
: effort to this organization. And I believe I will have
: FUN this weekend.

: I am so sick and tired of hearing excuses, hearing how
: great sports are, seeing how guys will dedicate
: themselves to 5-6 days a weeks of practice and games,
: but complain when they have to go to one meeting a
: week or one outing a month. (Think of it - 5 practices
: @ 2 hours per practice = 10 hours a week. At game time
: to this, plus your workouts and weightlifting. How
: many hours a week do you guys really put into your
: sports? All Scouting asks is an hour and a half a
: week.)

: I will agree with you all that sports can be fun, but so
: can Scouting if you would APPLY yourselves as much to
: it as you do your sports. I am sick of people
: complaining that Scouting is boring, but yet they do
: not offer ways to bring new life to the program. I am
: tired of people complaining about about the program,
: yet offer no assistance to making a better one. And I
: have had enough of some saying that it should be boy
: run, yet do not take the time or effort to run the
: program and activities.

: In the past, several of you have used this forum to
: express your opinions. It is time I wish to express
: mine.

: I will be glad to work with boys and young men who truly
: wish to be Scouts. But I am not going to waste my time
: with guys who are Scouts in name only. If you want to

: Sometimes, I wonder myself why I do this. And you know
: what? I do it because of you guys, because of the boys
: who are in Scouting. Because Scouting can give young
: men something that sports cannot, that schools cannot.
: Scouting is something special. and many of you will
: not realize that until you are in your thirties, or
: have kids of your own.

: And one other reeason to stay with it is because of
: friendships that I have developed over the years.
: Freinships both with youth members and with other
: adults leaders and parents. I would not give up any of
: those friendships for the world.

: Oh well, this has been long enough. I await your
: responses.

: The old man, who has been scoutmaster for what seems
: forever...............

I have beem watching this scout site and message board for quite some time and I, as a parent, have an opinion on this all too. First off, yes, this is your (you boys) troop, and I agre that you should have input on running the troop, but I am not seeing responsibility from you guys, nor am I seeing an example being shown to the other younger scouts, that I would WANT them to exercize. Part of growing up is the right to express yourself and make what you want of your life, but if you are choosing to make BAD decisions for yourself, it is hard to trust you to make any decisions for others. One thing that I feel very strongly on is that you have a right to be anyone or anything that you want to be, and YOU will make the final decision on what you become. You are responsible for your own actions. You boys are all very intellegent and are all old enough to make those choices, and we, as parents, are trying to guide you and as long as you are under the age of 18, we are responsible for what you do.

So....some of you are mad at Steve for not letting you run the troop. Steve gives up his hard earned vacation time from work to be a scout leader, he is trying to guide you and HE DOES CARE, and I see alot of immaturity if you can't handle the fact that someone wants you to suceed and is giving of himself to help you suceed. If you don't want the guidance, maybe it's time to pull out steaks, and let the other guys have the guidance. If you have a strong negitive attitude about scouts, get out so others can make it a good troop and keep the troop what it is supposed to be: a place to grow with the fellowship of others who care and want to suceed as a young man.

It's o.k. to tease around, but the negitive attitudes are getting OLD, guys! Why not either be a scout, or get out and let the others be scouts. REMEMBER: You make the choice of what you become!! Right now, you can be anyone you want to be, and eventually the bad choices can and will take you to places you may not want to be. I want to see you all suceed! You are all great guys with so much potential. But the final choice is YOURS!! If you want to go down, don't take anyone with you: cause that's not fair to them. If you want to suceed, go for it. YOU CAN DO IT!!

Believe me, I have learned alot of this from experience. I have made bad choices, and good choices, but in the end, I make the choice of who I will be.


Sandy Kleinfehn

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