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Re: What's This?

Posted By: David Hasbrouck
Date: Friday, 2 June 2000, at 1:41 a.m.

In Response To: What's This? (Gerald Wensmann)

Great message Gerry... Interesting.. You posted something worthwhile (as "the parent" did) with your name and NO ONE responded about the actual content...

Interesting, eh?


PS: We need to get in a D&D game again.. It has been toooo long :-) Well, at least get together sometime, that would work too since you are back in Melrose..

: I may be twenty eight years old and ancient to most of
: the young men in the troop today but it doesn't seem
: that long ago when I stood in your place. I remember
: with vivid clarity the time in my life when I thought
: I was the smartest and no one else could say
: otherwise, not my parents not other parents, not even
: other scouts. This is the luxury afforded to most
: teenage men, full of testosterone and life. I guess
: some say it is a rite of passage and some call it a
: 'stage' we go through. I'm not much of a philosopher
: though, so I will cut to the chase. I have been
: reading the postings on the message board since the
: Mega Weekend and I could not believe what I read. The
: scouts of troop 68 speaking out in such impudent and
: arrogant tones? What could have lead to this?

: Even now I am at a loss for words. Yet I feel that I
: should say something since I was one who caused plenty
: of trouble once upon a time and I can also now look
: back to see what my efforts wrought. I never realized
: how much an active parent means to the troop, from the
: sounds of it there are more parents participating in
: the troop now than when I was in. I feel sorry for the
: persons who would tell one to "shut up" or
: mind their own business. They may be
: "adults" and therefore the enemy but they
: wouldn't be participating if they didn't care.(Even if
: they have a strange way of showing it!)

: If anyone is at their wits end and want to talk to
: someone that is about as neutral as Switzerland, give
: me a call. My work number is (320)251-9433 call after
: 11 pm or call me at home in the late afternoon, I'm in
: the book.

: -Gerry.

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