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Boy Scouts....

Posted By: David Hasbrouck
Date: Friday, 2 June 2000, at 1:34 a.m.

Well... Hmmm...

I know a few of you and a few of you know me (I do know most on the board today).

I haven't had a chance to chat with Steve yet about what "really" happened, but plan to over the weekend.

But, I just wanted to point out a few Netiquette "things".

It is almost a GIVEN that within a chat room or bulletin board area, you are NOT required to spell everything correctly. That is just the nature of the Internet. Hounding someone because they can not spell serves no point. We are all hear to learn on the Internet, and that includes spelling and typing.

Swearing in a bulletin board area is bad Netiquette, but doing so within a Boy Scouting forum, well, is just not right (common sense). Do remember the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

The Internet is a place to remain anonymous by choice. "The Parent" left an opinion that I personally thought was well thought out and to the point. The responses it received just because this person chose (it is each and everyone of our given rights, we live in the United States of America) bears no reasoning to attack this person. If each of you look back now, what has it gained you? Responses that really make no sense.

I think the key reason this person was jumped on was what they said must have been right (again, I do not know the story) because you had no good response to the actual message, just to the fact that they left a message you didn't like with no name.

Think about that just for a second.. If that person would have left a name of Jim, would that have changed the actual content of that message?

As far as this "power" thing that appeared a few times throughout the message, and seems to be "part" of the issue... Lets remember something here... You are in the Boy Scouts of America...

In order for a successful Boy Scout Troop to be run, you must have a great leader (a Scout Master). Without that, the rest of the troop doesn't matter much.

Why can I say this?

I am probably one of the few that had the experience of being a part of Troop 68, relocated to the Twin Cities and had joined three other troops. Why? Because the Scout Master did not care and was not a leader. So, poor leadership led to a poor troop.

I was fortunate enough to relocate back to the Melrose area to finish out my Boy Scout years.

The PLC is simply a group of scouts that propose their thoughts onto the Scout Master. The scouts propose their views onto their Patrol Leader (part of the PLC).

This is simply how BSA works. Heck, it is how America itself works.

Something else to think about.....

My personal feelings are to remove ALL these messages that where recently posted. www.melrosetroop68.org was put here for the scouts of troop 68 and other troops for scouting activities.

What has been posted as of late, well, does not fall within scouting activities. What does a visitor outside of troop 68 think? Probably very little of the scouts that post these types of messages.

As Gerry mentioned, and I will too, I have been through the same stages you are going through, mainly one key person, probably know whom you are.

I had my run-in with Steve during my last year of Scouts, and well, regret it to this day, some 9 years later. Steve didn't deserve it, but it happened.

Well, just sit back and relax. Scouting IS fun, I miss it sooo much. I will be back in it someday as an adult leader, as many of you will too. Enjoy it while you can. Your 18th birthday comes waaay too quickly when it comes to Scouting.


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