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What's This?

Posted By: Gerald Wensmann
Date: Thursday, 1 June 2000, at 12:19 p.m.

I may be twenty eight years old and ancient to most of the young men in the troop today but it doesn't seem that long ago when I stood in your place. I remember with vivid clarity the time in my life when I thought I was the smartest and no one else could say otherwise, not my parents not other parents, not even other scouts. This is the luxury afforded to most teenage men, full of testosterone and life. I guess some say it is a rite of passage and some call it a 'stage' we go through. I'm not much of a philosopher though, so I will cut to the chase. I have been reading the postings on the message board since the Mega Weekend and I could not believe what I read. The scouts of troop 68 speaking out in such impudent and arrogant tones? What could have lead to this?

Even now I am at a loss for words. Yet I feel that I should say something since I was one who caused plenty of trouble once upon a time and I can also now look back to see what my efforts wrought. I never realized how much an active parent means to the troop, from the sounds of it there are more parents participating in the troop now than when I was in. I feel sorry for the persons who would tell one to "shut up" or mind their own business. They may be "adults" and therefore the enemy but they wouldn't be participating if they didn't care.(Even if they have a strange way of showing it!)

If anyone is at their wits end and want to talk to someone that is about as neutral as Switzerland, give me a call. My work number is (320)251-9433 call after 11 pm or call me at home in the late afternoon, I'm in the book.


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