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Wasting my time.

Posted By: Ducky
Date: Wednesday, 31 May 2000, at 10:54 p.m.

You guys are going nuts over some stupid thing that never really happened. What the hell did we do? Someone should tell us cause we obviously don't know. But why would you tell us, you have to be big babies about it and go cry about it. I want to know why we had to come back Sunday otherwise something would happen, like the whole troop comes up to our door. But a certain individual can get up and leave whenever the hell he wants to. If you are wondering why I am using a couple of swear words, it is because it seems the only time you listen to us is when we swear, cause that is all you hear. If someone says shit or another word, 15 right now. But when we ask a question, you just work your way around it and give us a bull shit answer that has nothing to do with the damn question. If you have a problem with my swearing, then kick me off the bbs or kick me out of scouts, cause I don't give a shit anymore, it isn't fun. It isn't fun cause we have these stupid parents that think they know everything and think they can tell us what to do. Another thing, Oja quit sucking up and tell us what you actually think. Well just my opinion on this whole thing. Even though it is all screwed up, cause the parents have to be big ass babies about it.


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