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Re: Visitors to Pleasantville 2

Posted By: HP Solomon Pras
Date: Saturday, 22 October 2005, at 3:03 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Visitors to Pleasantville 2 (Mayor Urza)

I feel we should be wary of this, granted minotaurs have befriended our group before, we should be open to this idea. Trust me, I know all about prejudgeces, but this does seem random, the King may not be happy, but as long as they do no wrong and add to the culture of Pleasantville, I would give my approval, but we do need to keep an eye on this situation. With that, I do speak to my informant bartender...so if the DM could tell me what he knows, that would be great. Interesting none the less...sounds like a thanksgiving game to me!

High Priest Solomon Pras

: The trade agreement will be signed on these conditions:
: 1. The necessary permits for out of country trade,
: available on Monday for each commodity must be had
: before trade enters our fair city. They must be
: renewed each year. Taxes to the King must also be paid
: for any artisan, foreigners are not exempt.

: 2. All artisans must be on good terms with the
: prospective guilds of their commodities in terms of
: well constructed items and competitive prices. Failure
: to do so will result in considerably higher
: tariffs/tolls up to permanent bans of trade.

: 3. Partial funds will be provided for their warehouses,
: like all new businesses gain some help. As for
: housing, that they must pay on their own. subnote: A
: reminder that subterranean construction is not
: allowed, we are in the beginning stages of working on
: subterranean plumbing to help with sewage. Only
: shallow foundations are allowed.

: 4. No minotaur is allowed to work the garrison.

: 5. Another meeting will be held 6 months after the date
: the treaty is signed. If no major infractions have
: occurred, they may stay and continue to trade. If
: infrations occur, trade will cease immediately.

: 6. Any questions will be directed to myself through a
: scheduled appointment.

: I am very open to having trade partners from our
: neighboring land. May prosperity find you in our fair
: city.

: - Mayor Urza

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