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Re: hit with a 20

Posted By: Alex K.
Date: Thursday, 15 September 2005, at 10:45 p.m.

In Response To: Re: hit with a 20 (Solomon Pras)

Mark rolls a 1. His flail goes flying to the outside of the cave. I go get it. A lion comes to the enterance. You get your but out of there.

Good times, Good times.

This will be steves birthday present if this happens.

Dakota roll a 1 causing his dagger to go into alex's back causing 4 damage. That makes alex hit his head on the wall causing 1 damage. Alex falls over and knocks down andy when he's in the middle of a spell causing 10 damgage to everyone and andy falls on Alex causing 3 damage. enrico drops his sword on his foot slicing off his toe for 5 damage. The screams from enrico cause a cave in that does 50 damage to everyone. Everyone ends up on the first level of heck exept Alex who goes to the seventh level of heck. The ruler of that plain was released before and his minions get out. Alex is alone, thus the most evil thing there(I thought I was in general) making me the ruler. I put in a good word for you guys getting us all out of there and in Tenne again.

And before you say thats unfair that I became a ruler of a heck remember I took the most damage.

Steve what would you say/do if that happened?

I would give andy 5 dollars to not kill you but make your legs bend backwards. In all seriousness what are the odds of that happening, up intil the heck stuff?

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