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To the "younger generation"

Posted By: Solomon Pras
Date: Thursday, 10 February 2005, at 6:20 p.m.

affectionatly known as "the little kids" Regaurding the post by Lytle below, you guys have nothing to worry about. I believe one of you is dead, well I do have the raise dead spell if he is not elven that can be done for a small price. From what I hear you guys have gained substancial experience, congrads. But I reccomend you relax, some of us are literally behind enemy lines, in a war in which we have no allies but ourselves. Both sides really do not want us there, both would probably kill us if they located our whereabouts. You may ask what our rational explaination is for why we are up here, and that I can not tell you. We really do not have a place here, other than our issues with the Green Slime that can fly. We also see it as an obligation to help those who need it (they won't admit it, but they elves need help). Many in Tenne see us as greedy (to an extent we are guilty of it, but who isnt?), this is our oppertunity to prove that we do fight for the general good of the world. When Garry's letter was discovered, he claimed that our sense of justice in the actions we performed by "cleansing" the dungeous and taking the wealth from them was no better than when he took wealth from another. Maybe at the time he was right, in fact he probably was. This is our oppertunity to prove we fight for the good of Tenne, not soley to improve our social well being. Two points to take from this: First, don't complain, you're in a lot better shape than we are. If we make one wrong move we prolly won't come home. Second, don't get into this situation, meaning don't appear so greedy that you have to go into a war as a party not liked by either side on an almost suicide mission to prove your valor. That said, I do not regret our decision to look for the merchant's daughter in Pafic instead of going back to the temple to the help the other captured people. We had NO idea we'd find that much wealth, but the situation made us look bad, and now look where we are...

High Priest Solomon Pras

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