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City Idea

Posted By: Solomon
Date: Wednesday, 18 February 2004, at 6:07 p.m.

This may have already been spoken of, but maybe not. After doing some of my medieval military history class, I got to thinking. Most cities of this day and age have a "theme" to them. Cities near water are port cities (duh), cities near forests have huge walls (for protection from whatever it is that comes out of the forest), and sell a good amount of battle gear and what not, and cities in the desert or plains are often a pit stop for travelers. Our city being located in the middle of some plains would make a great trading spot. The main traffic will be merchants going from my guess Rodun to Giveamea, or as we well know, adventurers going to and fro. If we were to give a special bonous to shop keepers to get them to stay, we could really help ourselves out not only economically, but in other areas. Create a city ordnance that requires all magic bought and sold in our city to be reported, with the notiion being we will pay handsomly for magic that is of value to us. Just an idea, hotels and shops should be our area of concentration in my opinion. Based on the type of traffic we have come through our city. What do you guys think? BTW, I was wondering if my business proposal has reached the good Captain Sparrow yet? Thanks for any info Mr. DM. We should try and get a game set up...mike..rico...steve...sergmeister? I plan on being home the first weekend in march...how's that work for everyone? Take care everyone...and have no fear...the black man is here!!! ;-)

High Priest Solomon Pras

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